Practice Areas

Business and Corporate

Business owners face many legal considerations—and they need the right partner to be successful BECK OSTROM SWEET advises clients on a wide range of business law matters—from choosing the right business entity upon formation, to reviewing the contracts and paperwork occuring in day-to-day business operations, to planning for the future of the business.  The attorneys at BECK OSTROM SWEET have helped small start-up companies and represented large corporations in handling shareholder agreements for multi-million-dollar investments.

Civil Litigation

BECK OSTROM SWEET provides civil litigation counsel for individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations.  Whether you are involved in a minor dispute, experiencing a breach of contract, or anticipating involvement in a larger general commercial litigation issue, we will help you understand your options.  And we will take legal action on your behalf.

The Civil Litigation Law Practice Area at BECK OSTROM SWEET includes support and counsel in the following areas:

Estate Planning

As a full-service law firm focusing on real estate and business law, BECK OSTROM SWEET is committed to serving clients throughout the life cycle of their careers.  This includes individual business succession planning and preparing for the safety and security of future generations.

The Estate Planning Law Practice Area at BECK OSTROM SWEET includes transactional and litigation support and counsel in the following areas:

Probate Matters

As part of its estate planning and civil litigation services, BECK OSTROM SWEET assists clients with various aspects of probate court.

The Probate Law Practice Area at BECK OSTROM SWEET includes services and counsel in the following areas:

  • Creditor Claims
  • Estate Administration
  • Executor Responsibilities
  • Guardianships and Conservatorships
  • Probate Process
  • Small Estates
  • Will Contests

Real Estate/Construction

BECK OSTROM SWEET assists clients with a wide-range of real estate legal needs.  From simply reviewing a residential purchase to preparing commercial lease agreements to handling big-ticket commercial transactions, our lawyers make sure your rights are protected and your best interests are represented.  

The Real Estate Law Practice Area at BECK OSTROM SWEET includes transactional and litigation support and counsel in the following areas:

Delinquent Property Tax Purchases

The forced sale of real estate to recover back taxes is what keeps our schools, libraries, and museums in business.  Buying property for back taxes is nowhere near as risky as you’ve heard, but it’s certainly not without risk.  Managing uncertainty and educating auction bidders is the role of experienced counsel from BECK OSTROM SWEET.  We have a team of knowledgeable attorneys representing tax sale purchasers, taxpayers whose property may be sold, and lienholders who have an interest in the property.

Landlord-Tenant / Evictions

The attorneys at BECK OSTROM SWEET have the knowledge, experience and provide our clients with cost-effective, flat-fee eviction services.  Our flat-fee service covers the attorney fee, court costs and serving papers.  The attorney flat fee includes drafting and filing all the pleadings and appearing in court for a non-contested matter.  If your case is continued to more than one hearing, we charge an additional fee per court appearance, including trials.  Generally, cases are resolved in one hearing.