Delinquent Property Tax Purchases

The forced sale of real estate to recover back taxes is what keeps our schools, libraries, and museums in business.  Buying property for back taxes is nowhere near as risky as you’ve heard, but it’s certainly not without risk.  Managing uncertainty and educating auction bidders is the role of experienced counsel from BECK OSTROM SWEET.  We have a team of knowledgeable attorneys representing tax sale purchasers, taxpayers whose property may be sold, and lienholders who have an interest in the property.  If you have legal questions with respect to the procedures, compliance requirements, or your rights, please contact us.  We understand the technical and specialized nature of tax sales, and we also manage the lien and title problems that can flow from tax sales.  Whether you are a homeowner expanding a garden, a church increasing parking, or an investor capitalizing on lien interest, we can help you thrive in a complicated area of law.